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Today, companies that grow and sustain position Sales Enablement as a revenue generator. Sales Enablement provides the resources to effectively sell your service or product. It supports sellers, keeps customers happy, and drives revenue. As such, Sales Enablement is one of the four key ‘vanes’ of marketing that revolve and work together to ensure consistency and growth.

Businesses rely on Marketing Matters to provide the Sales Enablement resources including content, tools, knowledge, and information, needed to close more sales. Services include:

Sales Enablement vane of Marketing

~ Sales and organizational programs

~ Processes

~ Resources

~ Tools including technology optimization

~ Training

What is Sales Enablement?
Sales enablement is the process between sales, marketing, and sometimes other areas of the business to produce and provide the sales organization with the information, content, and tools to help sell more effectively.

The premise is to provide sales people with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the entire buying process. It involves equipping your sales team with the information and knowledge they can use throughout the sales cycle. This may take the form of content, best practices, and tools that are easy to access, use and reuse across the sales organization.

What is the purpose of Sales Enablement?
The objective is to provide the sales team with what they need to engage the buyer, and to sell more effectively. Sales enablement is customer-centric. It must start with a deep understanding of who the buyer is and what they want. It is a program that helps salespeople communicate more effectively with customers.

Sales enablement is more about the buyer, so it is essential to not only provide your sales team with the information, tools, and resources the buyer wants, but also when the buyer wants these resources. Since sales people must also know how to use the resources you provide them, training and development play a large role in the sales enablement process.

Sales enablement is intended to help all salespeople regardless of team size. Marketing must provide sales with high quality, easy to find and use, and equally easy to apply resources that can be used repeatedly. Additionally, through tracking the usage of these resources, Marketing can optimize future sales enablement efforts based on what is used and not used, and why. Sales enablement efforts should be measured to understand their impact on the sales cycle; sales team performance, and sales overall ($, number, first time purchases, etc…).

How is Sales Enablement part of Marketing?
Sales enablement is the responsibility of both Marketing and Sales. Marketing provides Sales with a variety of resources they need to effectively sell. These resources and materials often include videos, blogs, and sales sheets and product guides which support reps’ interactions with potential customers.

Why should Sales Enablement matter to Marketing?
The sales cycle and process today are buyer-led.  Salespeople need the help of marketing to succeed. Sales enablement is how marketing can serve the sales organization. Marketing has the responsibility to help the sales team to effectively communicate. Marketing and sales strategy must be weaved together to meet the needs of today’s customer, to attract customers and to ensure a smooth transition for customers as they move through the buyer’s journey and funnel from marketing to sales.

What are some ways that Marketing can help enable Sales?

~ Proposing a strategy for Sales enablement

~ Sharing information and insights about the market, competition, the buyer, and buyer’s journey

~ Creating a buyer persona, including identification of buyer’s needs and challenges and a buyer-centric value proposition

~ Reviewing, planning, and developing high-quality, customer content

~ Developing a plan to provide a seamless transition from marketing to sales during the buyer’s journey down the marketing funnel.

~ Helping your sales team become perceived as experts in the field by positioning them through bylines, blogs, release quotes, reports and more.

~ Informing your sales team when a new campaign, event or program is being launched so that they are ahead of the curve.

~ Creating sales team briefings, cheat sheets and other internal communication materials to help them understand the content being created for buyers, prior to distribution to the buyer audience.

~ Providing sales with the content they need, when they need it…‘right content at the right time’.

~ Continually fostering and improving collaboration between marketing and sales.

~ Providing training and development to optimize sales effectiveness.

~ Conducting analytics to understand how Marketing provided tools, resources, etc.…are working internally and externally.

Sales teams may be the recipients of an effective sales enablement strategy, yet marketers play a very important role in its implementation and continued success.

Why is Sales Enablement important?

It helps the sales organization conduct a more effective and efficient sales process and ultimately, close more/better sales which is important to the entire organization. It also helps a sales organization to scale by empowering the sales team with the knowledge, resources, materials, tools, and best practices to continue to grow and be more successful.

Sales enablement is important to the overall business by generating increased sales revenue by reaching more leads and converting them into customers, and by retaining and adding value to current customer relationships.  Sales enablement is a critical component within the four primary ‘vanes’ of marketing to achieve and sustain business growth.

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